Chrysler 300C are awesome limos for any event

One of the more popular limousines available for hire in Perth in recent years has been the Chrysler 300C limo. The vehicle is versatile, lending itself to a range of situations where a limousine with modern comforts is required. This includes transport to: corporate functions; parties and anniversary celebrations; school balls and weddings and engagements (where the Chrysler 300C will provide an excellent backdrop to the photographs).

The Chrysler 300C is stylish, with an elegant look that harks back to the fashionable exterior of more traditional limousines — hence its nickname of the “Baby Bentley”. However it also has an award winning interior with a range of modern comforts designed to make the limo journey one to enjoy and remember.

The Chrysler 300C has a range of characteristics which will make it the ideal choice for any situation where a touch of elegance is required. These features include:

  • Roominess and luxury
  • Sophisticated sound system
  • Elegance
  • Stylish colour
  • Versatility

Roominess and luxury

white-chrysler-perth-inside-01One of the key features of the Chrysler 300C stretch or sedan is the attention to interior comfort. The seating is designed with the passengers in mind with plenty of leg room and space for those voluminous wedding dresses. The stretch Chrysler 300C will seat up to eleven people in comfort and luxury as well as provide climate controls at the touch of a button.

Sophisticated sound system

The Chrysler 300C has a first class entertainment system at the core of its award-winning design. The system is optimised for clarity and ease of use and will help make any journey in the Chrysler 300C a fun event.

Stylish colour

The pearl white colour of the Chrysler 300C is adaptable and suited to any event where a stylish limo will enhance the day. It is particularly suited to occasions such as a traditional wedding where it will match the colour of the bride’s dress.

white chrysler limo


The Chrysler 300C’s unique characteristics and style means it also has the ability to be paired with any other wedding car or limousine. Some of the Chrysler 300C limos are fitted with a fifth door to make access to and departure from the limousine easier, particularly for a large wedding party.

The Chrysler 300C has become a firm favourite In the short time it has been available as limousine transport. The cutting edge of modern luxury transport, the limo’s combination of style, elegance and comfort are the key features the Chrysler 300C brings to any situation where a top class limousine is required.

Our aim at Chrysler Limo Hub is to bring together companies that specialise in the hire of the Chrysler 300C to make access easier for people looking to hire one of the most popular limousines on the market.